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Screen Shots, Program Detail

Below is the main screen.
As you can see the main screen is quit simple. The blue area is your work space and the function buttons are located on the top of the form. Operational functions are located on the right of the form.


The Customer scan screen and customer information screen.
By clicking the [Scan Customers] button, you will be able to browse your customers alphabetically. Once you find the customer you are looking for simply double click on that customer. The customer information screen will be displayed. There you can browse past invoices, write an invoice, edit the customer information and more.
Please note: The following images are shown without the control borders for better viewing, all screens (forms) have the control panels in the actual program.


The Invoice Listing screen for the selected customer.
The Invoice Listing screen gives you a listing of the customers past invoices with the date, short description of the invoice and the vehicle that work was completed on. To view, edit or print an invoice just double click on the appropriate invoice.


Writing, Editing, Viewing or Printing an Invoice.
When you double click on a invoice the program will bring up that invoice. You are then able to View, Edit or Print it.


Search for customers by Phone number or Plate (License or Tag's). *
A sample screen to search customers by License Plate or/and by Phone number.

We hope you will take the time to download and try out our program, we think you will like it. Want to try the program, download the demo.


*Searching by License Plates or Tags and Phone numbers is within your customer database only, not the free world...