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Demo Download

Please Note: Do NOT download this package to upgrade or update your older A.I.R. program, it will destroy your data. See the upgrade or update page for more information.


Available Downloads

The demo version comes with a small amount of test data, you can test up to 5 customers, invoices and inventory items to work with. Sorry, there are no plans for the Mac platform at this time.

For Microsoft® Windows® Versions:

 98SE, ME, XP, XP(SP1-3), 2000

Download A.I.R. Demo


Download A.I.R. Demo

Windows7 & Windows8

Download A.I.R. Demo

Windows7 & 8™, Vista  64bit OS

Download A.I.R. Demo

Note: Operating systems that are not listed have not been rigorously tested. This does not mean that the program will not run on other platforms such as Windows 2003, 2008™ etc. You are welcome to download and test it on your system.

Please Note:
You will be downloading a setup program which will extract and install the A.I.R. program and test data on your computer. The Demo program is a single-user program. If you are considering the multi user program for multiple computers, the way the program operates is the same, except for setting up the network drive paths. If you purchase a multi-user license you will be instructed to download a multi-user version.