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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. After I updated my program I now have two Icons for the program on my Desktop, which should I use?

A. You may delete either one, they are both the same. While the program was updated you answered "Yes" to the question: "Do you want a Shortcut on your desktop?". It does not pose a problem and one of the Icons can be moved to the recycle bin.

Q. The full program download comes with test data, how do I delete the data or data files?

A. The easiest way is to edit each customer or item (there are only five), make them into a usable item or customer. It is not a good idea to delete these files (erase them off the drive) as it might confuse the program in locating the files.

Q. When I look up a customer by phone number or last name sometimes the name is out of order or when I search by phone number the program reports no match was found, what is wrong?

A. The index system has been corrupted. This sometimes happens when the computer is shut down incorrectly or the program is exited in the wrong manner. If this should happen simply click on the "Maintenance Menu" button then click on the "Repair Index" tab and select the index you want to repair, then click on "Start Repairs".

Q. I did not receive a printed manual for the program, how do I obtain a printed manual?

A. The manual is now built into the program, at any screen press the [F1] key to bring up the help menu, there is no printed manual available.

Q. What is the return policy if I do not like or want the program?

A. Sorry, there is none. We allow all potential users / customers of our software up to 30 to 45 days of use for testing before purchasing the program. We suggest you test all aspects of the program you intend to use (including printing reports/invoices) to make absolutely sure you are satisfied before you purchase a license.

Q. When I upgraded my program with a full/demo/trial download my data was erased, how do I recover my data?

A. DO NOT EVER use a full/trail download to upgrade to a new version of the software, it can/will OVERWRITE your data. Your data will not be retrievable. Updates are now automatic and built into the program.

A. You will need to use your backup data to restore your files.

Q. How do I know if there is an update available for my software?

A. The 2002.02.05 and above versions of the program will inform you that an update is available (provided that you have an active internet connection).

Q. I purchased the multi-user version and can not locate my data from a remote terminal, how can I find my data files?

A. You must contact your system administrator or computer technician, we do not supply technical help on mapping drives for networks or give any technical support regarding L.A.N. set-ups. Outside of mapping drives use the Maintenance utilities and select the Mufti-User Network tab and select your drive and files from there.

Q. I get an "Invalid Registration" error when trying to register my program?

A. The registration encryption is extremely sensitive. You must make sure you enter the registration and serial numbers exactly as they were sent to you. Capitols, spaces and symbols must all be entered. Also, the Company Name, address information and phone number can not be changed. You need to enter them exactly as they were sent to you with the registration information (the way the information was sent to us). Hint: You may want to "Copy" and "Paste" the information into each field for better accuracy. See Registration help for more information.

Q. How long do I have to evaluate the demo/trial version?

A. The demo/trial version is good for 30 to 40 days and will stop working after the 30th or 40th day. You can add 5 customers,  5 invoices and 5 inventory items to test and evaluate the software. Almost all functions will work in the demo/trail mode.

Q. Do I need to download another version when I purchase the software license?

A. No. You can order the software license by sending the proper information to us using the on-line order form. We will then issue and send via email your registration codes. You then need to enter the registration codes and company information in the Company Information section of the program located in the Maintenance menu. The on-line Order form is located through our order page.

Q. The date/calendar function when I write an invoice does not seem to work correctly, what's wrong?

We have included a work-around for this in version 2002.01.03 and later.

A. You need to change the date settings in windows. Your system settings are incorrect, click on the "Start" button then click on "Settings", then click on "Control Panel" then click on the "Regional Settings" icon. In the regional settings click on the "Date" tab.  The "Short date" setting should be in "MM/dd/yyyy" format (notice the year is four digits). Once changed, the date selector should work fine. (This issue only affects some versions of windows.)

Q. The tax rate seems to be off, how do I correct the tax rate?

A. Because one state now uses a 5 digit number for a tax rate we were forced to change the way the program handles that type of tax rate. For instance, the state uses 4.2515% you would enter .042515

A. If your sate uses two digits or less enter the tax rate as .05 (for 5%).

A. If your state uses more then two digits enter the tax rate as .042515 (for 4.2515%)

Some examples:

Tax Rate


4% =  .04
3.6% =  .036
 5.5% =  .055
6.25% =  .0625
7% =  .07

Q. What is the difference between an UPDATE and an UPGRADE?

A. An UPDATE is a patch or modification to our program and is usually free. UPDATEs are usually a maintenance release, they have bug fixes and changes that are minor and make the program work better.

A. An UPGRADE is a modified release of the program containing more features, enhancements and modifications that improve performance and usability. An UPGRADE also usually contains patches and maintenance updates as well. An UPGRADE also incurs a fee because it has enhancements and improvements.

Q. Do I have to UPDATE my program?

A. The short answer is No. The long answer is that you should. The update is usually free and has bug fixes and modifications in it that might be necessary to the program so it can function correctly.

Q. Do I have to UPGRADE my program?

A. NO. HOWEVER, the UPGRADES usually contain major modifications and performance enhancers as well as any maintenance and bug fixes. If you enjoy and find the program helpful, then UPGRADING the program should only make using the program a better experience, not to mention using any added features.