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The A.I.R. Program

The A.I.R. (Automotive Invoice Riter) program was written for mechanics by a mechanics son for my father and brother, also a mechanic, to use in their repair shop. The intent was to write a program that was easy to use, yet had a few bells and whistles. Over the past seventeen years the program has grown. Updated from it's original version that ran on DOS 5.0 to Vista™ and now to Windows7™.

The AIR program allows you to build a customer invoice history. Invoices can be recalled, viewed, edited, printed and saved. You can look up customers by name, phone number, date of service, type of service, city or town, invoice numbers, license plate (or "tags" for some of you in the western part of the country).

You can create an estimate, save it, recall it when the customer returns for the work, turn it into an invoice.

The program does some accounting on a basic level. Reports for the day, month and year and custom date range are available. I disliked accounting, hence the limited accounting functions.

The principal part of the program is the customer history. As you write invoices for customers over the years you build a invoice history that, at any time can be recalled. You will be able to view a snapshot of the customers invoices, if you choose you can recall any invoice, print it and even modify it if needed.

Once you are familiar with the program, set up job options, you can write an invoice in under a minute.

As you can see it is quit simple. The blue area is your work space and the function buttons are located on the top of the form. Operational functions are located on the right side of the form.

For more detailed information and screen shots click here. The detail page takes a few minutes to load with dial-up. With broadband or DSL it loads fast.

We hope you will take the time to download and try out our program, we think you will like it. Want to try the program, download the demo.

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